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I agree, sometimes the internet says something that isn't true, maybe because they want more... Is everything on the internet true? 29/1/19
I choose B because a criminal must learn from their actions, and they can find a peaceful... Weekly competition #19 29/1/19
I agree with you, like you said, it Isn't the criminals' fault, they might be mislead. But at... Police vs criminals 29/1/19
Just being curious. Do Criminals Actually Mean To Kill? 21/1/19
I agree with you, but how will the criminal know where that person is? Do Criminals Actually Mean To Kill? 21/1/19
I think that criminals are made, because they might have took drugs that makes them unaware that... Are criminals BORN or MADE ? 21/1/19
Youth crime is a type of crime which is caused by a young person. Youth Crime 21/1/19
Which cause depression and violence. Youth Crime 21/1/19
Maybe another reason is that children play WAY too many games. e.g: Fortnite Youth Crime 21/1/19