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How? how could I, just watch his speeches Trump or Biden, The Pros And Cons. 16/10/20
Yeah I agree, he might of done it all because the make people feel pity for him... Will people vote for Trump in sorrow of his "positive" test? 16/10/20
I think it should not be there because i agree that the popularity vote is better. Should electoral points be changed? 08/10/20
I think it's fair so inspiring young people can take the job and if the economy isn't going well... Should you be able to stay on to president in America for longer? 07/10/20
I think both were being unreliable because of the interrupting of the presenter, who needed to... Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think? 01/10/20
I believe it does. I think this because if someone won the election who people didn't like some... Is fake news effecting election results 01/10/20
I think it's worth voting because if you're over 18 you're over 18 you can vote use it and it's... Is it worth voting? 16/10/20
I think if someone argues with the other the presenter takes action meaning that both of them... #6 - Debate Decisions 16/10/20
because he has said in speeches that it is a hoax Trump or Biden, The Pros And Cons. 15/10/20
Donald Trump also doesn't believe in climate change Trump or Biden, The Pros And Cons. 13/10/20
you can just type it up you will get it :) Trump or Biden, The Pros And Cons. 22/10/20
I think voting is important because some people don't think their vote will matter, but it does.... #5- Three Sentence Speech 07/10/20
I think that votes are important si everyone has a opinion on who they support #5- Three Sentence Speech 08/10/20
i meant 18 out of 24 not 14 :) Take our American election quiz! 16/10/20
i got 18 out of 14! Take our American election quiz! 16/10/20
I think it would have never have happened I assume many people go for president and it wouldn't... Has anyone run for president without a rival? 07/10/20