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what was your favourite part of BNC so far . Session 1: what is cancel culture? 10/6/21
what are we doing this term I AM REALLY ENJOYING BNC. Ask an expert! 10/6/21
i would choose Joe Biden but after what happened with Tiktok The amount of people that like... Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think? 01/10/20
Donald Trump won't because he just builds walls to stop people from Mexico entering America he... Session 3: what's the best option? 13/5/21
any government or queen or king Session 4: who has the power? 20/5/21
I agree with C because it is the most likely to be sorted out it won't break into something big... #39 Pick one! 17/6/21
people need to act and fast , before you know it we won't have time to act so DO IT for future generation "Building Back Greener" in the news 13/5/21
Not enough people are helping the environment Tell us what you think about the Global Conversation! 27/5/21
what are we doing next half term Tell us what you think about the Global Conversation! 28/5/21
If you are cancelled It might not be from when you are young It might just be from about 6months... Session 2: cancel culture and justice 17/6/21
build back greener is needed before we have no time we need to act now before we are to late Session 5: your Final Piece 20/5/21
what do you think are types of people that don't really care about the environment - what job... RABBIT group | Week 5 Cluster Conversation 20/5/21
making bikes so less cars will be used and creating electric scooters also so less cars will be used . #36 Work for the world! 27/5/21
stop building and making stuff unless needed or essential . Session 2: how can we "build back greener"? 06/5/21