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I agree if it is lowered too much then people might make careless decisions and vote for the... Should the age that you are allowed to vote be lowered? 20/10/20
I agree he isn't bothering about anything but if they voted Joe Biden maybe we could have a... What will Biden promise for the future of America if he is elected? 15/10/20
I think it is worth voting because even one vote can change the whole election. E.g. Donald... Is it worth voting? 15/10/20
I think fake news can spread to others like chinese whispers and like chinese whispers they... Is fake news effecting election results 15/10/20
I agree, that all states can have the same electoral votes because then the states can vote... Should electoral points be changed? 15/10/20
I loved that! That was some great interesting facts outspoken_planet. I think Joe Biden... Who is dominating the swing states? 15/10/20
I agree it should be changed that electoral votes should be the same. Just because the... What changes would you make if you had the power to change the American Election System? 15/10/20