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I would like to ask Dion Mackenzie Has the corona virus and lockdown helped your job? Because I... Ask an expert! 13/11/20
I think it depends on the job. Footballers earn much more money than nurses and doctors which... Does every job deserve the same amount of money 08/11/20
I wasn't able to watch the video because it is restricted for me but I have a question- How can... What's it like to run a football club during the pandemic? 12/11/20
I think success is when you accomplish your dreams; when you become what you wanted to be when... What Does Success Mean to You? 13/11/20
Working from home has many benefits, ignoring corona virus. Firstly, if you live a long distance... What is the best way to work at home or outside?? 05/11/20
I am not assertive_boysenberry but I would like to answer your question. Some people think that... All about Work 15/11/20
I asked my dad about working in the lockdown and what he thought about the future He said that... Session three: covid-19 and work 18/11/20
Good job Michael Faraday School. Congratulations! Issue 1 Thought Leader Announced! 11/11/20
I think if there were no jobs left then no one would be able to survive. Suppose the bank just... What Would Happen if There Were No Jobs Left? 09/11/20
I think that work is beneficial to yourself when you do something that will effect your career.... When is work beneficial to yourself? 13/11/20
I think stereotypes are very unfair. Women used to earn less money than men and sometimes they... Stereotypes with jobs 08/11/20
I think working from home would be better, especially now. Firstly, when you work at home you... Is it better to work from home or abroad? 09/11/20
After reading this, I think that schools should be closed and should be online as it is much... Why I think teachers should stop working in this lockdown. 04/11/20
Listening to Reggie Love (former adviser of Barack Obama), I felt really inspired. I think he... #7 - Listen to learn! 22/10/20
Where we can accomplish our goals and dreams Once you find the right job, you will be... #9 - Acrostic Poem 03/11/20
We will always support our family On occasions, something won't feel right Remember that this... #9 - Acrostic Poem 04/11/20
I think it is better to work in a team because you cover each other's weaknesses and learn more... Why is it better for a team to work together? 20/11/20
I think nurses and doctors' jobs have been affected a lot because now they are considered much... How has COVID-19 affected the world of work? 05/11/20
I want to be a doctor because i love biology-the study of life and living things- and i like to... #11 - You're hired! 13/11/20
I agree, even if you are lazy you just need to remember that you are doing this to support your... What is work and what does it help us do in life 09/11/20
I think that the fact that footballers and other sports people get paid more than nurses because... Session one: what is work? 05/11/20
I would like to ask Debbie Marks how she ran her business at this time because now weddings and... Ask an expert! 10/11/20
I think it is better to work in person because: -There are lots of distractions at home -You... Should businesses move online for work instead? 19/11/20
I am just a child so I don't know what it is like to have a job but I think the most important... What's most important in a job? 04/11/20
I think people's hobbies (singing, football, etc.) can also be jobs. For example, if I like... Why should people work? 05/11/20
I think gig economy is better because you can interact with each other and you'll go socially up... Session two: changing workforce 12/11/20
People work to make a living; they work to earn money which provides them food, clothes and... Why should people work? 04/11/20
If the background is noisy it will distract your colleagues as well as you. If you go to work,... What is the best way to work at home or outside?? 04/11/20
My dream job is to be a doctor because I can help other people. Helping other people brightens... What's your dream job? 20/11/20
My robot is called Florence, named after Florence Nightingale, because she is a nurse that can... #10 - Design a robot! 07/11/20