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That is truly a brilliant post victorious_tree. The amount of effort you have put into that is... To what extent are climate activists able to truly affect the day to day operation of the crude... 20/5/21
I think picture B best represents cancel culture due to the fact that the rubber is to rub out... #41 Picture this! 01/7/21
I agree with Option C, due to the fact that, if everyone agrees that something is good, even if... #39 Pick one! 17/6/21
That is a brilliant comment. TIGER group | Week 1 Cluster Conversation 22/4/21
That makes sense. Voting SHOULD be fair. Just because of where they live, they shouldn't be worthless. What changes would you make if you had the power to change the American Election System? 15/10/20
I agree with the blue shirt woman as time spent complaining could be spent protesting to change... Session two: protests now - UPDATED WITH VIDEO 14/1/21
I personally think that a celebrity will be affected the most because their cancelling will be... Session 3: experiences of cancel culture 22/6/21
I doubt it. After all, Boris Johnson, a man younger than Trump, recovered after a MUCH shorter treatment. Is Donald Trump faking he had coronavirus? 15/10/20
I would say the words are: - Social... Session 4: different perspectives 01/7/21
They should definatley change it. The fact that where you live dictates how important you are is... Should electoral points be changed? 22/10/20
Justice ingredients 1. A mistake 2. Social Media 3. Cancelling 4. The truth 5.... #40 Recipe for justice 22/6/21
I think if the cancelled person is oblivious, their punishment should be lessened because you... Session 2: cancel culture and justice 17/6/21
The world is fragile, but we can hold it carefully, and save it. I chose this because it looks... #34 Caption this! 11/5/21
I believe people feel more threatened by Covid-19 as it has killed many in larger countries that... TIGER group | Week 1 Cluster Conversation 22/4/21
I would invent something that would absorb microplastics from the sea into a sort of melter,... #33 Invention test! 06/5/21
I realised that President Barack Obama was more inspiring than I had realised, hearing it from a... President Obama's former personal aide Reggie Love answers your questions! 22/10/20
I would like people to know that having tea is a tradition of people in England. I am pretty... #31 Start the conversation! 22/4/21
I found the fact that Scotland has 790 islands suprising Take our fun Building Back Greener quiz! 11/5/21
I would put in place a rule that prohibits using diesel if anything else is available. This... #35 Make a rule! 20/5/21
I don't know. I mean, they have been able to use the system for years, but, the system is... Does America need another president, or can it manage without one? 22/10/20
I agree with fact 1 because facts are what the news is about. Lies and fictions should not be... #27 Pick a side! 25/3/21