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Gang members normally come from areas that are poorer than the rest than the country, so I... Weekly Competition #22 15/2/19
Gangs are a group of people who usually commit unimaginable crimes, many people join them, as... BREAKING NEWS: new strategies to tackle knife crime 15/2/19
Education has the power to change the world, so why don't we, this will not only change the... Weekly Competition #22 15/2/19
We can resolve youth crime by making sure police officers patrol places with a high crime rate,... How can we resolve youth crime ? 08/2/19
This means that there is going to be much more reward trips for schools!! Weekly Competition #21 08/2/19
RAPID RIDE!!! Flamingo Land has released information that told us that they are now opening a... Weekly Competition #21 08/2/19
Gangs mean to commit these horrible crimes as most gang members are brought up in areas that are... Do Gang Members Mean To Commit A Crime? 01/2/19
Do you think schools are doing enough to stop the future generation from committing violent crimes. Weekly Competition #20 01/2/19