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Today my mother cooked me a incredible sandwich. This is positive because I have learned the... Weekly Competition #27 26/3/19
I was on a football team in which they supported Manchester city and i don´t. I use to support... Weekly Competition #24 05/3/19
But why does gang people would do that. Doing that, they would become more cool or interesting? Weekly Competition #20 05/2/19
I am skeptical about Ronaldo´s taxes in which in The Guardian says he payed 19million to the... Weekly Competition #18 22/1/19
I think my opinion I choose number C because the yhingis tat our institution of network is... Weekly Competition #12 27/11/18
I would like to create my own business that consist in a voluntary attention to take care from... Weekly Competition #10 13/11/18
i will use bitcoin Weekly Competition #9 06/11/18
Curiosity, in my opinion i would say curiosity depends on every ones mind. So this can be the... Weekly Competition #5 09/10/18
hello Weekly Competition #5 09/10/18