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their is a lot of pollution in china so instead of baning face masks they should give everyone a... Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 22/10/19
i dont think we should help because if we dont trade with china then we wont get as many things... SHOULD WE INTERVENE! 22/10/19
i think they shouldnt because it is their problem so they should deal with it Should Britain intervene with the Hong Kong crisis? 22/10/19
i think it should be a planet because in the future maybe we would live on pluto and it would be... Should Pluto be a Planet? 19/11/19
it could be possible but we would need high technology but it would be really hard How are we going to undergo the conditions and time of Space Travel? 19/11/19
I think it is wrong to ban face masks as people could die without them but also they could be criminals. Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 10/10/19
they are voilent because their human rights are not getting obeyed Why are the Protests so Violent? 22/10/19