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The survey has really made me think about trusting the news but I watch newsround which is a... Survey: You and the news! 04/10/20
I never knew this was happening in Hong Kong so thank you for writing about it SHOULD WE INTERVENE! 04/10/20
Hi I do not think that is fair that if you do not live in America that you are not aloud to vote... Do you think it is fair that if you are not an American Citizen you can not vote? 04/10/20
Your vote always counts so always vote for a candidate even if you do not like both other them... #5- Three Sentence Speech 04/10/20
I think it is not fair for other candidate to call a other candidate nasty name and not to talk... #6 - Debate Decisions 11/10/20
sorry I was meant to say both of them #5- Three Sentence Speech 04/10/20