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Your vote could change which candidade is chosen to rule over your city,town or country! Vote... #5- Three Sentence Speech 02/10/20
(1) To stand up for the envioment I think stand up for the enviroment is the most important... #20 Ranking reasons 03/2/21
When the pubic vote they have the power to vote for who they want but not the power to get who... #3 - Power to the people 18/9/20
Yes i agree climate change has affected us and animals dearly and if we don't take care of it... Should we protest about climate change? 04/2/21
thank you Tom@theBNC!I will enter the compition and try my best since you think my descution... Do politicians have more power over the public? 01/10/20
thank you delightful-effort i enjoyed reading your opinon and thanks for your feedback! What should we do to still be able to protest during covid-19 04/2/21
i don't think we should trust robots for our health care because you can't relie on robots to... Should we trust robots to provide our healthcare? 24/9/20
thank you storytelling_king Do politicians have more power over the public? 08/11/20
Thank you Olivia you really helped me to get started on the HUB! Since i am new to the HUB i... How to get started on the Hub 18/9/20
yes i do and I am very happy that Joe Biden in my opinon has won American Election - Final Piece 03/2/21