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He should not be racist and treat all races the same way .I think he would be better than Trump... American Election - Final Piece 13/11/20
Fresh Start Face the future Reduce pollution Enter a new life Start better Help the... #32 A fresh start! 25/4/21
I think that it should be about 15 and over so that they can have a chance to vote on who should... Should the age that you are allowed to vote be lowered? 24/9/20
A benefit of talking to people who may disagree with us or have an alternative perspective is... From Pandemic to Infodemic 23/4/21
My dream job is to be a scientist because you could try out experiments and do lots of fun... What's your dream job? 13/11/20
Work is something you do either for a living or part-time and is what you may get played for, so... Session one: what is work? 06/11/20
I agree with person two as he has a good reason why he couldn't vote (its against the law). I... Session four: voting 23/10/20
Sometimes if your doing work, and you need help on a question, the robots would automatically... The Future of Work 11/1/21
People can see things from different angles because 4 out of 10 sounds worst than 40 percent and... Session 3: the impact of the media 24/3/21
He needs to be a person who understands how racism is something you should not do American Election - Final Piece 13/11/20
Thank you, this was a very fun quiz I got 24/24.😊 Take our future of work knowledge quiz! 14/12/20
I would invent a pollution machine. This will help because if you use a car or bus, it will grab... #33 Invention test! 01/5/21
The skill that I have, is creativity and I think that it is really important to have this skill... #37 Skill quiz! 29/5/21
Protest is when multiple people fight for what is right. #23 Ten or less! 23/2/21
I think that numbers in the news are really important, I would put numbers in the news at number... #29 Share and compare 03/4/21
The consequences should be that the person who posted it should not be allowed on the app they... What should be the consequences if someone creates fake news? 30/9/20
I think helpfullnesss is the most important thing in a job because say you are a doctor and... What's most important in a job? 06/11/20