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Aye Myat MOT?????? who or what is that?? Is every perspective on a news story equally important? 21/10/18
I think that words are stronger than actions because if you use a megaphone then you can project... Weekly Competition #6 18/10/18
I went to America to see my older brother when I saw him he was dead Weekly Competition #5 10/10/18
wow that video sure is good but the Rohingya history sure is sad VIDEO: The Complete History of the Rohingya Crisis 03/10/18
I think that photo B is the odd one out because it doesn't look like they have anything to do... Weekly Competition #4 03/10/18
I would say that Aung is not to blame as she does not have a lot of power over these terrorists Who is actually to blame for the crisis? 03/10/18