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Thank you for doing this and trying to help the Rohingya out. INNOCENT PEOPLE DYING DUE TO DIFFERENT BELIEFS! 03/10/18
I have never treated someone different because of their religious beliefs because I know that... Religious divide - the persecution of the Rohingya 02/10/18
We can think of this in a metaphorical way. For Example: if we do something wrong we might get... What can we do to help solve this situation? 11/10/18
I think we should all do something about this like raising money but thinking about the Myanmar... What are the government doing? 03/10/18
Yes I agree with you and we could write to other country's in the world so they could help us... Violence on Social Media 02/10/18
I think that photo A is the odd one out because it shows violent things in it like tanks. Weekly Competition #4 03/10/18