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It is a good idea because it is okay to be a different to the other person all people are mix... A Mixed Government; is it a good idea? 15/1/20
I agree with you quick _ octopus,one country, two systems can work because they could plan as a... #6 Poll - Winners Announced! 15/10/19
Art can change people’s emotions in different kinds of ways. It can change our feelings because... How and why can art change people’s emotions? 11/6/20
I think the people should do is to tell Britain to stop China and Britain should get involved to... What Should the People of Hong Kong do? 08/10/19
Art is a skill that some people are good at.But art is not just painting. It could be a... What is art? 11/6/20
How could we fix the problem? ABC of Hong Kong 03/10/19
Well ,thinking about loved _wildcat’s idea I know that Britain doesn’t own Hongkong anymore but... Should Britain help Hong Kong? 09/10/19
Yes, sensible _melon I agree.We,Britain should get involved.Nice idea!But how could we solve... Should Britain help Hong Kong? 09/10/19
Yes , we do deserve a free healthcare because some people don’t have enough money to pay for the... Do we Deserve Free Healthcare from the NHS? 25/3/20
What is WORK? From my thinking,WORK is something that people does which is also called (job).It... Session one: what is work? 21/11/20
Good job everyone that was a good poem and it has a good beat!Could we send this to the... VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 09/10/19
I think China should stop first because if China won't stop HONG KONG will panic and Should the Uk be involved 25/9/19
No spirited _insect we must not start war or it means that killing people will solve the problems ! How is Hong Kong Going to Reach a Compromise with it's People? 06/10/19
Well to me,courageous _recipe is right .🙂✅Britain have to step on it!Or HongKong will be chaotic!😮😦😯 How is Hong Kong Going to Reach a Compromise with it's People? 03/10/19
To be a Prime Minister is to understand about problems in London and help such things as saving... What does it take to be a good Prime Minister? 24/1/20
In my opinion children are allowed to vote because they are the same thing as adults and they... Do you think children should be allowed to vote? 15/1/20
We should stop destroying the Earth because we are harming the animals! Should we be more respectful of leaders? 25/9/19
we have MPs because they are controling every area in London.If there were no MPs most of our... why do we have MP's? 07/2/20
But first we have to do something about China 🇨🇳 then we can send a message to stop ✋ them and... How is Hong Kong Going to Reach a Compromise with it's People? 03/10/19
I disagree with A because there are problems that are not easy to solve.What should we do to... ABC of Hong Kong 07/10/19
Sorry, I meant that killing people will NOT solve problems. How is Hong Kong Going to Reach a Compromise with it's People? 07/10/19
I think Britain should help HONGKONG or there will be chaos in the whole city,so I thought that... Should Britain help Hong Kong? 03/10/19
Yes ,spirited _insect violet protests never work because or the Government won’t listen to other... Violent protests: do they ever work? 07/10/19
If I was Prime Minister l would plan to stop plastic containers and change it to paper... What would you do as prime minister? 15/1/20