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I agree because some people are getting the wrong treatment because the paper work is getting lost. My NHS party! 30/3/20
I agree because the IT is slow What I want to change for the NHS 03/4/20
I agree with you. The Beneficial National Communitys future health ideas!!! 30/3/20
I have just redone the quiz and I scored 8/10. The Good News Quiz! 27/3/20
I agree with you. A speech to the UN75 Global coversation 19/5/20
I got 5 out of 10 correct on the quiz. The Good News Quiz! 24/3/20
Hi I think we should improve the technology because then the NHS will give people there... Ask questions of our new Hub volunteers! 30/3/20
I agree because animals can die without water. Droughts: How Does It Affect People, Animals And Their Homes? 19/5/20
I agree The future of the NHS 06/4/20
I think the NHS could improved by upgrading the technology because they can get patients their... #27 - Ideas for Improvement 17/3/20
Hi BNC crew what do YOU think we could do to help the NHS with their technology problems? Ask questions of our new Hub volunteers! 17/3/20