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How would you feel if your family was divided? I would feel quite lonely, I'd have nobody to... Why? 12/9/19
Rich, holidays and Workers. I chose this caption because: Workers: The people at the bottom... #1 Caption Contest Winners Announced 05/9/19
I believe that Donald Trump's Wall and Brexit because they are both contained to be with very... Weekly Competition #39 30/6/19
Trump's Wall: Good ideas? Bad consequences Weekly Competition #33 23/5/19
'' The world would be better without borders '' This would be fair for other people with their... Weekly Competition #32 16/5/19
Hi! Just to let you know, I'm from Poland too! Welcome to our new schools! 05/5/19
There is a story of a girl called Manar. She is from Syria and then they had to move to a camp... Weekly Competition #31 04/5/19
In the activity, I enjoyed being an 'In' because we had lots of money and had lots of places to... What happened in Session One? 30/4/19
I personally think that they shouldn't look over the wall because there might have been a reason... Weekly Competition #30 26/4/19
I have made an assumption of who might be traveling across the border because in the second... Donald trump and his wall 25/4/19
There are 69 cities in England Welcome to our new schools! 25/4/19
I think that banks shouldn't be always trusted because if one of the people who worked there... Can the banks really be trusted with our money? 24/4/19
Hi I'm talented_cookie. My school is in Birchwood, England. England borders Wales and... Welcome to our new schools! 24/4/19
Can you give another example? What do I think about borders? 24/4/19
Why do you think he hasn't made a good decision? What do I think about borders? 24/4/19
I am really excited for it. Welcome to our new schools! 24/4/19
The good reasons could be if a country had a war or if there place was broken and there was no... Donald trump and his wall 24/4/19
I agree that it isn't fair that Donald Trump told that Mexico has to pay for the border because... What other things could the money for Trump's wall go to 23/4/19
Walls divide people because they just make other countries not allowed to enter and keep a lot... Do walls protect or divide people? 23/4/19
If we removed all borders and walls, then other people from other countries could migrate away... What would happen if we removed all walls and borders? 23/4/19
Donald Trump building the border between the U.S.A and Mexico, not letting anyone stop him from... Weekly Competition #29 23/4/19
I agree that Donald Trump shouldn't build the wall because countries can team work but sometimes... Should Trump Build the wall? 21/4/19
Donald Trump building the wall to keep away Mexico Weekly Competition #29 21/4/19
I agree with your opinion because everybody can go into a country if they want to and he should... Donald trump and his wall 16/4/19
For example: If a family was treated really badly and a war then came to their country and if... Should we give everyone a chance? 16/4/19
I would rather stay in the EU because it would be easier and if we did leave the EU then the... Leave Or Stay? 13/4/19
The evidence for if people brought a knife in a shop and lied is that if there was a camera... atrocious knife crimes 12/4/19
You welcome, I also enjoyed reading your say about the statement ' All decisions that affect... All decisions that affect society should be decided by a direct democracy 12/4/19
This is a really good speech about the statement ' All decisions that affect society should be... Should all decisions that affect society be decided by direct democracy? 11/4/19
1. I wouldn't be always fair because if we let the MP's vote then they would just choose about... Should we leave it up to the MPs? 11/4/19
1. I'm not to sure what will happen when Brexit is over but if we think about it then everything... MY QUESTIONS! 10/4/19
What would you choose: Leave the EU or stay? I did enjoy to read a different opinion from mine... All decisions that affect society should be decided by direct democracy- speech to convience people 09/4/19
Thank you for all of the information! I can see that you have been researching and watching... Brexit 09/4/19
The prices would go up like for example if you have to go to the hospital then you would have to... Will Brexit ever happen? 06/4/19
What will you choose if there was a vote about taking more holiday from school? Weekly Competition #28 04/4/19
When Switzerland had the more holiday vote, they have voted against taking more holiday. It was... Weekly Competition #28 04/4/19
Pangaea is a nice place but sometimes its a little difficult to live there when you can't really... Weekly Competition #23 28/2/19
True but if they would seem like a innocent person and they brought knives in wrapping and they... Dangerous knife crime 07/2/19
Thank you it was very fun doing it BNC LIVE 2019: 1st February! 02/2/19
I think knife crime because if there were no punishments then somebody could go outside and kill... Weekly competition #19 26/1/19
They might carry a knife because maybe they wanted to be protected or they wanted revenge on somebody Dangerous knife crime 14/1/19
If knife crime didn't exist then nobody would get hurt with a knife but there still would be... Dangerous knife crime 11/1/19
Melancholy, annoyed and alone. I may feel that because nobody cares even if they didn't mean it.... Weekly Competition #17 11/1/19
Police taking care of a serious murder scene Weekly Competition #16 09/1/19
Police taking action capturing a criminal Weekly Competition #16 08/1/19