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I do not think that jobs are more important if you get paid more because no matter what you will... Session one: what is work? 10/11/20
I loved the questions. I do not think that the robot would work though. For Example: There may... Session two: changing workforce 10/11/20
If i was in government in situation 1 The Hurricane , i would advise all residents of my country... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 18/5/20
Protest can turn violent for many resons but i think most turn violets because the news makes... Why do protests turn violent 15/1/21
Art can be a number of things , to me art is a master piece created by an artist or a drawing or... Session 1: What is art? 08/6/20
Shouldn't be to long not for the results , I'm hoping for Joe Biden to win because I feel he is... Session six: reflection 06/11/20
I feel bad for the people who are suffering , i wish i could help them. The children are not as... Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 07/5/20
Global warming is causing extreamly deverstating weather conditions although the chrona virus as... Session 1: Introduction 07/5/20
Behind the wall there might be a rain forest because there are trees on the background.They... Weekly Competition #30 29/4/19
I think protests do work but not as fast as people what them to make the change. protesters want... Do Protests have consequences? 15/1/21
I think this is down to indervidual countries not following correct procidures like LOCKDOWN... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 18/5/20
I am supportive of the NHS rainbow and also i drew and written thank you poster on my bins for... Session 2: Art during a crisis (including a quiz) 15/6/20
Do old trump builds wall to divide Africa and Mexico. Emergency handouts Weekly Competition #29 23/4/19
The protest that I have heard of was about Donald Trump when he lost the election. This protest... #17 Report back! 11/1/21