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I think picture B is the odd one out because picture A shows Boris Johnson giving a speech and... #30 - News Odd One Out - Winners Announced! 06/4/20
I don't think they should be looking over the wall because it might be something personal to... Weekly Competition #30 29/4/19
Yes this is quite important actually for people of LGBTQ must stand up for their rights #23 Ten or less! 22/2/21
I learnt that protest can make good change or bad #23 Ten or less! 25/2/21
Hi BNC! Meticulous_Twilight here! the job i have looked up is an ice cutter. they used to use... #13 - Extinct jobs 02/12/20
1) to stand up for the environment- I think this is the most important because if we do not look... #20 Ranking reasons 05/2/21
I think number 6 will be worth doing because,if space junk gets in the way of something,it could... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 29/11/19
Meticulous_twilight here! In my opinion, I think Peter Tatchell is the most inspiring because... #21 Inspirer of the Issue! 08/2/21
Hello, I would like to ask, How could you tell what is a fact or what is fake? I think it would... #4 - A matter of facts 25/9/20
If you were still in space, what would you do if you had spare time?If something happened to the... Your chance to ask a space expert! 05/12/19
Good explanation. I agree with you. #28 - Good News Stories - Winners Announced! 23/3/20
The job that I would like would be to have meetings with space discoverers and astronauts. The... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 09/12/19
It costs nearly eight times as much to treat someone who is 90 compared to someone who is 30! I... #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 13/3/20
in the future of work, i have learnt that many low skilled jobs will be replaced with technology... #15 - Spread the news! 15/12/20
Hi BNC Meticulous_twilight here. I found this session very interesting. here is my robot i... #10 - Design a robot! 08/11/20
In this session, I learnt that most people watch the television much more than anything else.... Session 1: what's an infodemic? 22/2/21
I would like to suggest that we have a rule for politicians/prime ministers to follow about... #20 - What One Change....? 28/1/20
my rule would be for everyone to act to stop climate change because it is damaging our lands and... #35 Make a rule! 16/5/21
I am against this because I think that it is more important for schools to get more money. I... Session 2: Art during a crisis (including a quiz) 15/6/20
I have learnt that there are many types of protests! #23 Ten or less! 22/2/21
i think it is important because people might belive something that is falseand it is important... #4 - A matter of facts 29/9/20
I would probably say, ' It is important that you vote because the election is about the... #5- Three Sentence Speech 06/10/20
No I don’t think all numbers in the news are over exaggerated however I didn’t really understand... TOP TIPS!!! 24/3/21