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I would let people over 13 vote as long as they are supervised and and asked there parents first... #20 - What One Change....? 29/1/20
i think this was a great idea because it helps alot of people who might not know alot about art... Session 1: What is art? 09/6/20
it is good because it makes people do more art and because then it makes it more creative but... Session 2: Art during a crisis (including a quiz) 15/6/20
i can not make my mind up if brexit shoud of happened #23 - I Can't Make My Mind Up - Winners Announced! 14/2/20
I think if we find another planet we should concise them because climate change is not working... If we find other planets with life, should we colonise them? 07/1/20
i love how we are looking at artist because i love are and looking at other artist and even if... Session 3: Artist and audience 22/6/20
i think the first one Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 20/5/20
i agree i feel so bad for them and they not deserve this Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 11/5/20
I would stop brexit happening #20 - What One Change....? 29/1/20