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I agree with your opinion, but now I am thinking when is it a drastic and urgent situation? I... When is it OK to protest violently? 14/9/19
I would like to add this to help people with finding trustworthy news. Wikipedia isn’t a... What was the Sino-British joint declaration about? 13/9/19
I think that countries shouldn’t get involved unless they need to. This sounds confusing, but I... Should countries keep out of each other's business? 13/9/19
I think that stories that involve government, and important announcements should be on the front... Weekly Competition #2 Editor for a day! 13/9/19
My first thought to this question was, yes of coarse. But now that my class has talked about it,... Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 11/9/19
Realy, there is no right reason to break a promise, escpecilly if its between countries. But in... Are there situations when it's OK to break a promise? 11/9/19
If Britain did not give Hong Kong back, more likely to be a small or big war. Britain signed an... What is the Hong Kong crisis? 09/9/19
You can earn a profit but you cant buy happiness, I think this because of the two things that... #1 Caption Contest Winners Announced 05/9/19
I think everyone should be held responsible on this planet, no matter what cause. We have all... Should everyone be held equally responsible? 14/6/19
I think schools are doing enough. There are strict rules of no littering, bins to things. In my... Are Schools Doing Enough? 13/6/19
To Norwegian explorer How are the polar bears already doing, what i mean, are they in critical... Expert alert: ask your questions here! 13/6/19
Big changes that could help our world, -take notice of trees, maybe plant flowers, we can do... Is it too late? 13/6/19
This question took a while to answer, but I voted yes. The world needs more help and people... Weekly Competition #36 13/6/19
I agree with both of your points, China does have a lot if factories, but if we get rid of them,... Is It China's Fault That It Is Producing Millions Of Tonnes Of Carbon Emissions 13/6/19
I personnaly think that Trump should take down his wall, mostly because i cant help but hate the... Should The Wall Be Taken Down?? 23/5/19
If you were under attack in your country, wouldn't you want to move somewhere? Anywhere would do... Would you move? 23/5/19
I personally think that it does include us, for many reasons Firstly, it’s the world we live... Is Using Walls Better Than Not? 23/5/19
I agree with you, but do you think everyone who’s going into America is bringing drugs?Or are... Is Using Walls Better Than Not? 23/5/19
I believe that our BNC teachers ( Mrs Pyne and Mrs Allen) should be nominated for this award. I... BNC Awards - Exciting news! 23/5/19
Trump's Wall : Building it up, breaking families down. Weekly Competition #33 20/5/19
I agree that sometimes walls can be a bad thing, and it is fair to let everyone in. But you need... Don’t built walls but bridges to make everyone in contact with each other! 17/5/19
I agree with you, Trumps Wall is a waste of money, but what about the ones that support Trump?... Trump's "big beautiful wall" 10/5/19
In my opinion, we should have voted again. The ideas I have are, people who voted to leave can... How to break the Brexit deadlock 11/3/19
Will people who come or class themselves as a European Citizen be pushed out of the UK? By this,... We need YOUR questions! 10/3/19
Brexit is a big deal because it could effect others life’s! There are multiple consequences for... stay or leave? 09/3/19
It depends who you are. A child or an adult. I will be explaining and reasoning both sides of... If you don’t take part in a vote, should you still get a say on the issue? 09/3/19
Brexit is like a lemon because, when you first hear about it, you’d expect something nice and... Weekly Competition #25 08/3/19
I don’t think it’s an easy job being an MP. Based on what Ruth has explained, she has to listen... MP Ruth Smeeth answers YOUR questions 08/3/19
I personally think they didn’t give out all the information, practically because they knew we... do you think voters had all the information they needed 08/3/19
Thank you for posting this for myself and others who don’t have as much knowledge of Brexit. In... Brexit - Britains most controversial vote 08/3/19
I’ve changed my mind on Brexit. When I was first informed of it, I imagined it would be good;... Weekly Competition #24 05/3/19
9/10 Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 05/3/19
I agree, Brexit shouldn’t happen. But now I’m thinking why is it? My reasons for my thoughts are... Why I Believe in that we should stay in the EU 05/3/19
Problems in the Pangaea would or clould be very serious. People in places like Africa might not... Weekly Competition #23 01/3/19
I agree to this concept, but it might not matter about the gender. Most of the time it is who... Is it always fair to do what the majority want? 25/2/19
In my opinion, doing what the majority want can't always result in fair outcome. For example, if... Is it always fair to do what the majority want? 25/2/19
I think they focus on violent crime for the money. Like you have explained, they want their... Why do the front covers of news papers focus on violent crime (most of the time)? 20/1/19
Do you think the media will try to end violent crime, and why do they exaggerate? UPDATED: Experts announced! Ask your questions! 20/1/19
In my opinion, crime unfortunately will not stop. There has been a 12% rise in violent crime and... youth crime 14/1/19
After some thought, I have changed my past thoughts. Even if somebody commits out of defence, it... What is knife crime? 13/1/19
Another reason that could have caused the rise is the amount of weaponry in stores. Advertising... Why do you think violent crime is increasing? 13/1/19
I see your meanings of media and knife crime. My idea is, sometimes they don't go together. It's... Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 11/1/19
To answer your question, I think the word 'courage' will go into justice. It takes plenty of... Violent Crime-Week 1, Part one 11/1/19
Thank you for your question. I will not go into to much detail because these people might have... What Causes Criminals? 11/1/19
I think that knife crime is wrong. But how many of those crimes are done out of defense? The... What is knife crime? 11/1/19
Frustrated, annoyed and lonely. 3 words to describe my feelings. I have no friends - probably... Weekly Competition #17 11/1/19
I like your reasoning but what if somebody was wondering in the dark and walk onto somebody's... Is there such thing as a victimless crime ? 11/1/19
Thank you for writing this, how do you know this is true though, please can you include a link... Violent Crime 10/1/19
Thank you for telling us this news,I will make sure my teacher knows! BNC LIVE 2019: 1st February! 07/1/19
Thank you for awarding me a star a i will make sure I include a link to the website next time! The Rise Of Violent Crime-What is it about? 07/1/19
Poisoned victim lays dead on the concrete ground, neither conscious nor living. Police try to... Weekly Competition #16 07/1/19