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Brexit Breaks the EU Weekly Competition #26 19/3/19
Brexit is a vote if you want to live or stay it started at 2016 .It was also named as democracy Brexit: how will it affect young people? 17/3/19
Brexit makes Chaos Weekly Competition #26 19/3/19
I think they can look through the wall because there could be a beautiful garden , enchanted... Weekly Competition #30 29/4/19
Donalds enormous wall Weekly Competition #33 21/5/19
Suddenly 7 men bravely went to the mysterious murder . They gather around, a murderous villain ... Weekly Competition #16 10/1/19
i once find it fine when we went to england but when i was a 4 year old my italian accent... Weekly Competition #31 07/5/19
headline; chaotic brexit breaks the law Weekly Competition #26 19/3/19
Theresa may leaves town of westminter to betray the citezens of london Weekly Competition #26 19/3/19
I feel devastated because I can't forgive myself and anyone . I'm very very angry because ... Weekly Competition #17 12/1/19