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I think that if the situation gets worse that's when we should get into peoples businesses. The... Should countries keep out of each other's business? 15/9/19
First of all, I thought that no one should have a say because people can say anything if they... Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 15/9/19
If I was a news reporter, I would share true news instead of fake or stupid news that are not... Weekly Competition #2 Editor for a day! 15/9/19
Life wasn't made by money, life was made by love. I thought to write this because at birth... #1 Caption Contest Winners Announced 07/9/19
Poor people beg for money, rich people beg for love. The people who are poor in this world have... #1 Caption Contest Winners Announced 07/9/19
To fix a plastic heart you need money ,to fix a stone heart you need love. The reason why i... #1 Caption Contest Winners Announced 07/9/19
I think that you did really well because you have explained a lot about why we should stop ... Poem about the ice melting and the dying artic animals. 14/6/19
I think that although climate change is an important issue, children should not be missing... Weekly Competition #36 11/6/19
I think that looking over and not looking over the wall is the right thing to do because they... Weekly Competition #30 30/4/19
In our class we talked about Indirect and direct democracy.First, our teacher wrote so phrases... Indirect democracy: is it fair or unfair? 19/3/19
Even though there are two week and three days left until Brexit, there is so much going on! The... How to break the Brexit deadlock 12/3/19
I understand what you are saying, but British people think they are not independent enough. What... Brexit: A fact file 27/2/19
I think that Britain should leave the EU, but at the same time shouldn't leave the EU. On one... Brexit: A fact file 26/2/19
In the country that I'm from, some people threaten other people when it comes to voting to vote... If you don’t take part in a vote, should you still get a say on the issue? 25/2/19
You can also say about how to stop it because there are lots of other ways to do that. You have... Crime is Happening 16/2/19
Walking down the old corridor that I always walk through. No-one barely talks to me. What is... Weekly Competition #17 11/1/19
I really like how you have been talking about how the victim feels because usually everyone... Violent crime 11/1/19
I have posted something about cyberbullying and can you read it please. Don't forget to comment... Finding this Issue scary? 09/1/19
Thank you for theses tips and I won't forget! Not seeing your post published? What we want for this Issue 08/1/19
This news is very interesting, and thank you for posting video like this! BNC LIVE 2019: 1st February! 08/1/19
As the photo shows that , 5 trustworthy police men surrounded a person ,who was lying... Weekly Competition #16 07/1/19