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thankyou and car crime not many people think about so i reminded people so the can get ideas to... car crime 18/1/19 ... youth crime 14/1/19
i think it is very important aswell because some people might think its right to do it but thats... Violent crime 14/1/19
thankyou for the feed back and i possibly might change my mind youth crime 14/1/19
that is a very good idea but what type of question should i add? Violent crime 12/1/19
i love that you put words in and facts but How do you know the fact are true? and where did... What is Violent Crime? 12/1/19
i agree with entertaining_strawberry because am wondering where the facts are from and you... Violent Crime 12/1/19
where did you find the facts? how do you know its true? just like entertaining_strawberry said. Violent Crime 12/1/19
thats true because adding questions are good Violent crime 11/1/19
that is very true because there are still tools and weapons that people could use to hurt other people Dangerous knife crime 11/1/19
thankyou and im glad you have spotted th difference Violent crime 11/1/19
frustrated,annoyed and depressed thats three ways to describe how im feeling right now.[i feel... Weekly Competition #17 11/1/19
it is very true because people get hurt in different ways Violent crime 11/1/19
ok thanks for your feedback Violent crime 11/1/19
where did you find the reshearch and how do you know its true? What would you do if kknife... Dangerous knife crime 11/1/19
where did you find out all of your reasherch about violent crime increasing and how do you know... Why are violent crimes increasing? 11/1/19
thankyou and i will remember that people have experienced violent crime.What we should do in... Violent crime 11/1/19
Very good 👍 What is knife crime? 11/1/19
I agree I agree Violent Crime 10/1/19
I like your reasoning and facts about it we can clearly tell you have done some research. What is knife crime? 10/1/19
Police trying to help someone up who has been hurt. Weekly Competition #16 10/1/19