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I think people are skeptical about MPs because they are often portrayed in the media as doing... why do we have MP's? 14/2/20
In this issue, the hardest decision for me to make was if politicians should be a better role... #23 - I Can't Make My Mind Up - Winners Announced! 14/2/20
Martin Luther King I would choose Martin Luther King as a great leader because he stood up for... Who makes a great example of a leader to you? 10/2/20
In my opinion,there should not be two prime ministers per country.If there was wouldn't there be... Should there be more than one Prime Minister per country? 03/2/20
In my opinion,we should have a prime minister because every group of people need a leader.... Would it be better if we didn't have a Prime Minister? 03/2/20
Well in my opinion i am in the middle. For I think politicians should be respected more... #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 01/2/20
In my opinion, I don't think that politicians can be too honest. Part of the issue many people... Can politicians be too honest? 28/1/20
Well i think there should not be two Prime Ministers per country because they both could have to... Should their be two prime minister per country??? 13/1/20
There are many reasons to become a trusted politician. Well if you want to be a politician or... What does it take to be a good Politician? 13/1/20
I think that famous people should be a good role model because in the public eye people think... Do famous people have more of a responsibility to behave well? 09/1/20
Well I they no that a leadership can be shown in multiple ways.Here are my reasons. My first... Is leadership always shown in the same way? 09/1/20
I am proud to be elected as your Prime minister.I will do good things to improve our community.I... #17 - Winners Announced 09/1/20
Well like resourceful_drawing said i with Brexit did not exist.For starters all of the families... Special post: General Election results! 29/11/19
Well I think taht we should but I am going to show both sides. Reasons for I think we should... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 22/11/19
Well in my opinion i think that we are spending to much time exploring space.Here are my... Are we spending to much time on space exploration? 22/11/19
Personally, I think this is a failure.Here are my reasons.Well firstly the rocket exploded just... SpaceX Prototype "blows its top" - is it a failure? 22/11/19
Well I think both.Here are my reasons.I think robots should be sent because humans could die and... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 19/11/19
My motto for NASA would be:step into space.My first reason is that NASA sent the first person to... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 19/11/19
One thing that i have learnt during this session is that going to space costs a lot of money... #10 - Brain-stand! Winners Announced 08/11/19
My first words would be "its begun". My first reason is that a new discovery has been made and... #9 - Time-Travel Challenge - Winners Announced! 06/11/19
In my opinion,i think you should never give no matter what the situation is.My first reason is... If you know you’re unlikely to succeed, should you still try? 06/11/19
I think we should carry on exploring Earth before we think about exploring space.Here are my... It more important to make discoveries on Earth or in space? 05/11/19
The types of problems that have been caused are climate change,pollution,plastic in the ocean... Do we have a duty to explore space? 05/11/19
I think it is a natural thing to want to explore and understand the universe that we are a part... Do we have a duty to explore space? 05/11/19
Well if we were talking about the issue now i think we should stay out of business because China... Should countries keep out of each other's business? 27/9/19
In my opinion i think that b is the odd one out because the others pictures are having speeches... #3: Odd-One-Out - Winners Announced! 27/9/19
Well in my class we discussed about this a lot and it caused lots of discussion and... Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 13/9/19
"Money cant buy power" Is my caption because the people at the top are very powerful but when... #1 Caption Contest Winners Announced 06/9/19
I think everyone should make up for what they have done or help the world in some way by not... Should everyone be held equally responsible? 17/6/19
I think that everyone has some responsibility to a degree as we all add to the problem through... Should everyone be held equally responsible? 11/6/19
Well as an example in india millions of people are moving out of the country like about 2.5... People should be able to move wherever they want. 02/6/19
Well as an example in india millions of people are moving out of the country like about 2.5... People should be able to move wherever they want. 02/6/19
Trumps wall : Is it worth the fuss and money Weekly Competition #33 24/5/19
Brexit is like an onion because when you peel of the skin its like you are slowly getting rid of... Weekly Competition #25 11/3/19
In my opinion i think it is taking so long because some people protest that we should not leave... What’s the best way to make decisions? 04/3/19
in class we were trying to decide if something was natrul or normal and two people started... Weekly Competition #24 02/3/19
Well i think no because the public had the choice to vote so it was there own decicion to say... If you don’t take part in a vote, should you still get a say on the issue? 25/2/19
in my opinion i think yes because say if the percentage was 89% and the other percent was 11%... Is it always fair to do what the majority want? 25/2/19
% Is it always fair to do what the majority want? 25/2/19
Well it depends on the type of crime someone commited to and how bad it was so they should get... Weekly competition #19 29/1/19
thankyou and car crime not many people think about so i reminded people so the can get ideas to... car crime 18/1/19 ... youth crime 14/1/19
i think it is very important aswell because some people might think its right to do it but thats... Violent crime 14/1/19
thankyou for the feed back and i possibly might change my mind youth crime 14/1/19
that is a very good idea but what type of question should i add? Violent crime 12/1/19
i love that you put words in and facts but How do you know the fact are true? and where did... What is Violent Crime? 12/1/19
i agree with entertaining_strawberry because am wondering where the facts are from and you... Violent Crime 12/1/19
where did you find the facts? how do you know its true? just like entertaining_strawberry said. Violent Crime 12/1/19
thats true because adding questions are good Violent crime 11/1/19
that is very true because there are still tools and weapons that people could use to hurt other people Dangerous knife crime 11/1/19
thankyou and im glad you have spotted th difference Violent crime 11/1/19
frustrated,annoyed and depressed thats three ways to describe how im feeling right now.[i feel... Weekly Competition #17 11/1/19
it is very true because people get hurt in different ways Violent crime 11/1/19
ok thanks for your feedback Violent crime 11/1/19
where did you find the reshearch and how do you know its true? What would you do if kknife... Dangerous knife crime 11/1/19
where did you find out all of your reasherch about violent crime increasing and how do you know... Why are violent crimes increasing? 11/1/19
thankyou and i will remember that people have experienced violent crime.What we should do in... Violent crime 11/1/19
Very good 👍 What is knife crime? 11/1/19
I agree I agree Violent Crime 10/1/19
I like your reasoning and facts about it we can clearly tell you have done some research. What is knife crime? 10/1/19
Police trying to help someone up who has been hurt. Weekly Competition #16 10/1/19