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will there be any other referendums? what are the pros and cons of brexit? how are the members... Do you have any questions about Brexit for a Member of Parliament? 25/1/19
you should respond to violent crime because if you don't people might not get caught. Also it... Weekly Competition #20 03/2/19
I think D because society if people go out they might want to go somewhere but if... Weekly competition #19 25/1/19
my headline is: BREXIT, BRILLIANT OR FOOLISH This would be a great headline as it would... Weekly Competition #26 19/3/19
When i was young I use to support a different football team but now we support the same after... Weekly Competition #24 01/3/19
In my opinion she might be very lonely and maybe suffer depression because nobody will whant to... Weekly Competition #17 11/1/19
what is the point of drugs and being violent? why do people do such thing as this and will... Weekly Competition #20 03/2/19
i don't think you should join a gang because they are very dangerous and do a lot of underage... Should you join a gang? 12/1/19