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I would like to live on Jupiter because it's big and beautiful and it has a nice colour but I... If you could choose any planet to live on, which would it be? 01/12/19
I agree with you bust_starfish because a robot can just loose control to whereas when a human... Send robots into space, not humans 15/12/19
To me,I think justice means when you be fair.Example-If there was knife crime,then it should be... What is justice to you? 08/2/20
I think that there should be an age limit because if you were a kid and you went up to space you... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 23/11/19
I DON'T trust him and I DON'T think he is great.00 Should we trust the Prime Minister? 08/2/20
Animals already live on Earth and shouldn't be able to go to space because it's too dangerous. Should animals be allowed in space? 01/12/19
I think we should to try out new things in space but I also think that we should not have... What can we do with space and what should we do? 24/11/19
Your art work is very impressive and it is something important!I also agree with this. POWER !!! 16/2/20
If the Earth can be polluted, space could possibly become polluted as well and space debris is... Pollution Problems 01/12/19
Well it has already happened and who even cares if he gets more power anyway?? He's going to... Special post: General Election results! 15/12/19
I agree with this post because they can stay longer as we can't because there is gravity but I... Send robots into space, not humans 15/12/19
I don't think we should trust the prime minister because he doesn't like the religion of... Should we trust the Prime Minister? 08/2/20
I think some humans would just be surprised and maybe scared and other humans might be curious.I... How would humans react if we really found aliens? 15/12/19