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i live in Palestine . Palestine has many wonderful monuments. It is characterized by its... #31 Start the conversation! 17/4/21
Iwould like to invent this machine. This is a machine that works in the sky. When factory smoke... #33 Invention test! 03/5/21
Hello. Today I will talk about a Palestinian poet ... Taha Muhammad Ali ... Taha Muhammad Ali,... #31 Start the conversation! 20/4/21
In the future, I will be a mentor for children to guide them to work and teach them to preserve... #36 Work for the world! 26/5/21
Wow ! Really crowded London! It really is a wonderful town. I hope to go visit it #31 Start the conversation! 17/4/21
Well .... Now I would like to talk about my experience in the place I live in ... I live in... TURTLE group | Week 2 Cluster Conversation 27/4/21
Yes, because the people must keep their town as if it is their second home, isn't it, and also... TURTLE group | Week 2 Cluster Conversation 27/4/21
Focus on now Remember you are the best Everything goes on Surprise your self Help... #32 A fresh start! 25/4/21
This encounter is good and wonderful. First, I benefited a lot from it. And he taught me... Session 1: the environment and covid-19 17/4/21