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I would like my job to be guarding and preserving the forest from those who cut down the trees... #36 Work for the world! 25/5/21
F: Free Life R: Resistance to environmental pollution E: Erase the past S: Sum up your ideas... #32 A fresh start! 24/4/21
It counts as talking to other people in the world about global issues to see his information, to... TURTLE group | Week 6 Cluster Conversation 26/5/21
(The Earth is in our hands) We must take care of it and preserve it; If we do not preserve it,... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
I live in Palestine and love my country because it is a country like no other, and it is not... #31 Start the conversation! 20/4/21
My participation in this program made me develop my language and helped me to think more broadly... Tell us what you think about the Global Conversation! 28/5/21
I will become an agricultural scientist in order to learn how to grow trees in a correct way and... #36 Work for the world! 21/5/21
I am Palestinian and proud that many people come to visit it, because it is truly a country... #31 Start the conversation! 19/4/21
Hello, I would like to invent a machine that absorbs smoke that pollutes the environment and has... #33 Invention test! 03/5/21
Climate does not affect the spread of covid-19 It is true that the virus has affected many... TURTLE group | Week 1 Cluster Conversation 25/4/21
(The Earth is in our hands) We must take care of it and preserve it; If we do not preserve it,... #34 Caption this! 08/5/21
I did the test and found problem solving comes naturally to me. This skill is important to help... #37 Skill quiz! 28/5/21
I would like to invent a robot in the public park that sterilizes the place after people... #33 Invention test! 05/5/21
My rule is to put trash bins on the roads and they are divided into glass, plastic, cardboard; ... #35 Make a rule! 15/5/21
My rule is to use solar cells and alternative energy instead of using fuel that creates smoke... #35 Make a rule! 17/5/21
(The land is in our hands) and our actions follow them with consequences, whether positive or... #34 Caption this! 12/5/21
The climate change that we are witnessing today is part of the natural cycles that the planet is... Session 3: what's the best option? 05/5/21