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Hello👋💗👋 my name is Hala from Palestine * _ * Covid-19 has changed the climate, previously it... TURTLE group | Week 1 Cluster Conversation 25/4/21
I would like to invent a trash that can go like a magnet and collects everywhere by remote... #33 Invention test! 02/5/21
[Good idea ]♡ HELP NATURE 02/5/21
Fresh start Finding the lost self. Responding to your inner voice. Expel... #32 A fresh start! 25/4/21
I think if Corona was not, it would come and they noticed that there is a lot of bad impact and... Ask an expert! 02/5/21
😉 This is nice. You can also make it expand and rise when you are about to collide with a car... #33 Invention test! 02/5/21
🤩that's cool #33 Invention test! 02/5/21
Your words are also correct. There are those who interact with Covid 19, even if it is not... TURTLE group | Week 1 Cluster Conversation 25/4/21
Hi my name is hala👋😻I would like to invent a device for bees because of its manybenefits for the... #33 Invention test! 01/5/21
I loved this #33 Invention test! 02/5/21
I would like to invent a shoe instead of a car. You press the button and it will run like a... #33 Invention test! 02/5/21