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Ones in "blue moon " Most years we see 12 full moons. That's not the case for 2020 though, we... #36 - Head to headlines 17/5/20
Step 4 (Flood) it's accumulatad or increased of water that overwhelms the earth . Also in the... Session 1: Introduction 23/4/20
Did Anita write before these books? If you wrote about what you wrote before that? #33 - Ask the author! 28/4/20
Lunar Flashlight Lunar Flashlight is a mission to the moon, set for 2020. It's the first... #36 - Head to headlines 17/5/20
There is a very important reason for not everyone being affected to the same degree, which is... Is everyone equally affected by extreme weather? 16/5/20
The most important thing l learned since l joined the club is the abbreviation of the words,... #34 - Global Connections 07/5/20
In fact, I have many important questions that I would like to ask you , I hope you will answer... Is everyone equally affected by extreme weather? 16/5/20
I want to ask Liz Bonnin: Does extreme weather prevent or reduce rainfall??? Ask an expert about extreme weather! 01/5/20
I agree with you What is the most dangerous severe weather? 18/5/20
Step 5 1 : It 's all about extreme heat waves. Descriptive of these pictures: people appear... Session 1: Introduction 23/4/20
My second question to Anita Ganeri is can one day reduce the intensity of typhoons and strong... #33 - Ask the author! 26/4/20
Everyone is affected, but it's not the same degree. I think everyone knows this and everyone... Is everyone equally affected by extreme weather? 16/5/20
breathtaking_chameleon Beit Hanoun Prep Girls (A ) School Writing Stories Welcome to Issue 5: the Global Conversation 22/4/20
New neighboring planet... Scientists have observed a small distur bance in the light emitted by... #36 - Head to headlines 17/5/20
I belive all skills are important and there's no choice between them. The reason for this is... #35 - Skills for success 15/5/20
My first question to Anita Ganeri is that we can't reduce hurricane losses despite countries... #33 - Ask the author! 26/4/20
Step (1 ) The weather is hot The most extreme weather I have ever experienced is rain Session 1: Introduction 22/4/20
I would like to thank the committee that designed this most wonderful project,and I promise you... UPDATED advice for Global Conversation students - please read! 24/4/20
Step (1 ) It 's very important to hear directly from people who have experienced the harsh... Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 01/5/20
Drought sweeps the world The picture represents (Desertification phenomenon) significantly and... #32 - Give it a title! 22/4/20
(Flood) The similarities in pictures A and B A: No flood despite the abundance of water B:... Session 1: Introduction 22/4/20
I'm very open– mindedness, this gives me great conifidence. Also,I have extensive experiences... Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 29/4/20