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I agree When is it OK to protest violently? 19/9/19
There where but ... I personally think people have learned from their mistakes in world war 2... Donald Trump: A Fascist? 19/9/19
I agree. On my side of this post I hope not to leave the EU, but I understand that some people... Brexit or Bray? (Will Britain exit or stay?) 19/9/19
I think this true and mindful The mountains poem we are losing beautiful landscapes 19/9/19
sorry not quiet_horse moddest_boynsberry Donald Trump: A Fascist? 19/9/19
Well i agree with you but also he is trying to do good for America and he has human rights to do... FINAL PIECE : Walls only create hatred and discrimination! 19/9/19
agree TRUMP or MEXICAN 19/9/19
I believe we should save the earth before it's too late and we die with it Evolution means moving forward... 19/9/19
quiet_horse i do not agree to your statement of Trump being a fascist because: 1. If he was a... Donald Trump: A Fascist? 19/9/19
I totally agree with you ,well done! Brexit: A fact file 19/9/19
I think it is a good point, but I disagree because we don't have the right knowledge and maturity. If you don't take part in a vote, should you still be intitled to a vote? 19/9/19
I totally agree. This post is putting your self on either sides of the U.S.A, helping us decide... TRUMP or MEXICAN 19/9/19
I agree trump shouldn't be doing this ! Its not fair for other people who want to work in... TRUMP or MEXICAN 19/9/19