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I learnt that many jobs are 'going out of fashion'. It surprised me to learn there was once a... What once-in-a-decade event is happening right now? 24/3/21
Step 1) 1. In order: Black Lives Matter Extinction Rebellion End... Session three: problems and perspectives (with video) 21/1/21
I agree with fact one. This is because many people do not know the dangers of fake news and may... #27 Pick a side! 24/3/21
Hi BNC, I recently read the book 'The Boxer' by Nikesh Shuklar. It is about a teenager at... #19 Burnet Book Club! 27/1/21
I got 6/10 - I was especially surprised that the government told the public during the World War... The infodemic fun quiz! 04/3/21
Step 1 I was surprised that not many people use newspapers. Not long because you would... Session 1: what's an infodemic? 23/2/21
Step 1) 7/10 - as we have seen in previous issues, the language the media use changes the way... Session 4: the media and the story 24/3/21
I think that banning protests all together would be against human rights. Protestors are just... Session one: what is protest? - UPDATED WITH VIDEO 20/1/21
Now I realise how important protests are in society today. #23 Ten or less! 23/2/21
Looking for well-known journalists and newspapers/websites and if they give a fair debate or... Can you spot the fake stories? 05/3/21
The first and most important fact I'd use to persuade people to take their vaccine is: Studies... Select your evidence and structure your argument! 23/2/21
Step 1) I think the first one because it has more people and is on a bigger scale. However, I... Session four: impact (with video) 25/1/21
While I think you should follow the news, I do understand why the 31% might be avoiding the... Session 5: infodemic Final Piece 25/3/21
Step 1) News - Information about our surroundings and events. Infodemic - Too much... Session 2: the public and the news 01/3/21
Ali could tell she has had too much TV because she might become lazy and not want to go out for... How can we tell if we've had too much of something? 23/2/21
Step 1) 1. These opinions link with protest because they are all about your opinions and what... Session two: protests now - UPDATED WITH VIDEO 20/1/21
My question for all of them is: What are some Top Tips for spotting fake news? My question... Ask an infodemic expert! 23/2/21
I think rich countries should give 50% of their vaccines to countries in need because it is not... #26 A fair share? 16/3/21
Hello BNC When I here protests my mind goes to the BLM protests going on all around the... #19 Burnet Book Club! 25/1/21
Step 2) 😮 because news should be interesting and tell you new information 🤔 it should also make... Session 5: infodemic Final Piece 24/3/21
18/20! This has taught me lots about how to spot fake news. Can you spot the fake stories? 04/3/21
A book I have read is vote for Effie by Laura wood. Its shortlisted for the blue peter book... #19 Burnet Book Club! 27/1/21
Step 1) No-one is wrong because it depends on the way you look at it. If a news story affected... Session 3: the impact of the media 16/3/21
SSH Questions: What is the difference between protests and raising awareness? Protests are... Session five: protest Final Piece 23/2/21