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Why leave? have you ever thaught about england not being able to play in the 2020 euros? they... Why does the majority of England want to leave? 26/3/19
Democracy is always the best choice because the people of the nation will get their direct say.... Is Democracy Always The Best Choice? 12/3/19
If we leave the EU will England still be able to play in the 2020 Euros? We need YOUR questions! 05/3/19
Once I changed my mind because I thought that somebody would be grateful if I gave them a... Weekly Competition #24 05/3/19
I agree with this post because teenagers are known to get into gangs very easily. How can we stop this? 05/2/19
The police would look into the crime to see who committed it. If they find out that the criminal... Weekly Competition #20 05/2/19
I pick B because if you punish somebody and they change their behaviour the victim might know... Weekly competition #19 31/1/19
"Bloodbath Britain" is very worrying because it shows that Britain has had a lot of murders. It... Weekly Competition #18 22/1/19
I would have no friends. Very lonely. Weekly Competition #17 15/1/19
Violent crime may happen because some people want to be feared and cause trouble in the streets.... Violent crime 15/1/19
Money matters to everybody because rich people like to be extra rich and poor people don't want... Weekly Competition #13 04/12/18
I think that the bankers' bosses are to blame because they gave the individual bankers extra... Individual bankers, or their bosses? 27/11/18
How did the bank of England make sure that the systems could not be hacked into?Do the bank of... 1. Experts Answer YOUR questions! 27/11/18
What banks are the bank of England in charge of? 1. Experts Answer YOUR questions! 22/11/18
I think banks shut down because they don't have enough money to repay other banks when they... Why Do Banks Shut Down? 09/11/18
I think the bank of England is to blame because they should be responsible for the amount of... Who is to blame? 09/11/18
If i worked in a bank I would give money to people that I knew would give money back.I could be... Who would you give the money to if you were a bank? 08/11/18
Without money we could start trading items and using items that are not needed to get other... Weekly Competition #9 08/11/18
I think the bank is to blame because they gave away too much money to other people and banks.I... The Financial Crisis - Who is to blame? 08/11/18