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We should DEFINITELY use the money on saving the Earth because we are suffering from many things... It more important to make discoveries on Earth or in space? 29/10/19
To be honest, I agree with you involved_duck, making a wall between countries is such a terrible... Don’t built walls but bridges to make everyone in contact with each other! 21/5/19
I think that its good to wear a face mask because the police won't be able to put the people who... Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 08/10/19
Good point and all of that is completely true. The political Climate 07/1/20
I completely agree that spending 20 billion on space is insane and we should spend the money on... Reasons why it is best to give space exploration a break 21/1/20
I would say yes because everyone has the right to have a say and be heard ( even though they... If you don’t take part in a vote, should you still get a say on the issue? 12/3/19
One of the challenges are when the votes are very close like 49% and 51%. What would they do? What are the benefits and challenges of democracy? 05/3/19
I think that the Government is to blame because they should have made the rules stricter and... The Financial Crisis - Who is to blame? 08/11/18
I agree with you . the bank managers didnt look after their people propaly. The Financial Crisis - Who is to blame? 08/11/18