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i have also read welcome to nowhere. i absolutely love it Is Protesting the right way to get your voice heard..? 07/1/21
The number that is important to me is the amount of people that are being killed by the deadly... #24 Numbers in the news! 01/3/21
I wanted to add that I believe there is a reason some protest may be violent. In many places,... do protests need to be violent to work? 07/1/21
Hi, i’m clever_iceberg, and this is my competition entry. 🎉 Looking for party planner: Do... #16 - Festive job vacancy! 07/1/21
I saw this comment and I wanted to add that some protests do have the greater good in mind, but... Are protests effective? 05/3/21
I got 8/10! I have to admit that most of them were guesses, but I was most surprised by the... The infodemic fun quiz! 05/3/21