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Outstanding_Turkey,It nice sharing this experience . you all should try to be conscious and... Lightning 30/4/20
The effect of air pollution are very dangerous because these effect are basically on the human... ARE THE EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION VERY DANGEROUS? 28/4/20
honestly it will take a very long period of time for afforestation to go on. when those... how the weather changed because of the pollution ? 28/4/20
global warming can be reduced by recycling more.we can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per... Global warming 13/5/20
Thanks for your wonderful contribution credible_football's. scientists can use technologies to... How COVID-19 Interferes With Weather Forecast and Climate Research 18/5/20
Thanks for this question . I think the most convincing point i made here is how people affected... A speech presented to the UN75 Global Conversation on extreme weather by fair_minded spring. 22/5/20
Tsunamis often taken place in the pacific ocean.According to the National Oceanic and... The devastating natural " tsunami". 29/4/20
extreme weather do have positive impacts. sometimes weather is extreme,causing destruction and... Are there any positive impacts of extreme weather? 13/5/20
Thanks for that question ma. Some helpful building materials may include; Lightening rods or... Is there any approach to predict and create awareness of thunderstorm at community level ? 18/5/20
very interesting i came across a question you asked will we be able to survive in this... Is this the end of the human race? 28/4/20
Thanks for your questions credible_football's The extreme weather experience i had was the one... A speech presented to the UN75 Global Conversation on extreme weather by fair_minded spring. 28/5/20
I agree with you because climate changes are expected to to worsen the frequency, intensity, and... Climate change versus extreme weather: 28/5/20
Thanks for your contribution genuine_tornado's yes, the government responsibilities are... Be prepared. 30/5/20
step 1 - The weather is cloudy. - Heat wave. it was so devastating and it made many... Session 1: Introduction 22/5/20
The second step 4 is actually step 5. Thanks. Session 1: Introduction 22/5/20
Thanks eliot.cohen for that question. In contribution, I think care centres or homes should be... How should vulnerable people protected during wildfires? 18/5/20