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Hi ingenious_forest this is a really well thought out post that shows so many different points... What is the most important part of a career? 10/12/20
Well done flowing_stragey for this well thought out post that really shows your characters views... My American Citizen's Interview 25/10/20
It is a very big problem if a robot is sent into space but stops working, as it could mean... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 16/11/19
A very good first post focused_violin, and on a subject that I think is very important. I agree... Will the economy be ruined if the UK send men to Mars or the Moon? 14/11/19
I think it was a very good idea to bring up this subject incredible_snow, as it is an important... Climate calamity 14/11/19
I thought this was a beautiful poem incredible_snow, and the way you wrote how it is the source... a poem on things that space holds 14/11/19
This is a brilliant post consistent_starfruit! I can understand why some people might not want... Why should we consider doing volunteering works? 09/12/20
I personally think this post is brilliant content_lemon! You must know so much about space, and... Space By Alphabet 14/11/19
Brilliant poem lovely_passionfruit, I love how you describe all the different aspects of space,... spectacular space 14/11/19
Hi I'm reasoning_honeydew, and here are my views on this. Personally, I think that all of these... #14 - Star skill! 06/12/20
This a very good post succinct_leaves, as it is about the well-debated subject of whether Pluto... Should Pluto be a Planet? 15/11/19
I think that the most interesting fact is number 3 because I feel very concerned about the... #28 One can win! 26/3/21
What am I to do in this big strange place, On my shoulders is a huge great weight. Really... #9 - Acrostic Poem 05/11/20
I agree with you saying that those who are late to or don’t turn up to appointments is not a... How can we save the NHS? 19/3/20
This was a brilliant post accomplished_reality and careful_science, as it was about the... Are we the only living life form in the universe? 14/11/19
I agree with the 79% of people in fact 1 because I do not think that it is right to post untrue... #27 Pick a side! 21/3/21
Wow! This is a brilliant post reflective_arctic_fox and protective_dusk, as it your views were... Should people work permanently, or simply part-time? 06/12/20
In my opinion, there are so many different jobs that are all really important, so it seems... Session one: what is work? 05/11/20
I thought this post was very good fascinating_wasp, and I enjoyed reading it a lot as it has... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 14/11/19
This is a brilliant post artistic_gooseberry, as it sheds light on a topic that I feel isn't... Stereotypes with jobs 08/11/20