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A; Lena writes about South Korea, North Korea politics, business, societies and the basics of... How do you keep a newspaper running during COVID-19? 28/4/20
Yes everyone is not affected by the extreme weather. When there was flood in Accra Ghana, it... Is everyone equally affected by extreme weather? 21/4/20
Hi am entrepreneurial_robin from Accra Ghana Welcome to Issue 5: the Global Conversation 20/4/20
It is a terrible situation so what can be done to help these animals. Global warming? 20/4/20
I think droughts does not only affect animals and people but also the land is wasted too. Since... Droughts: How Does It Affect People, Animals And Their Homes? 23/4/20
Well I don't think we can prevent it so easily because is something natural. But we can protect... STORMS 15/5/20
We should learn the dangers of this global warming. Extreme Climate - Reduce Carbon Emissions In Schools 20/4/20
I will name it EFFECTS OF DROUGHT because plants and animals need water to survive with. But... #32 - Give it a title! 21/4/20
I think they are dangerous since they can destroy and take humans lives. But the danger will be... What's more dangerous? Hurricanes or Tornadoes? 12/5/20
My question for Anita Ganeri is, how does wildfire occurs and how to prevent it. This is... #33 - Ask the author! 27/4/20
I also think extreme weather affect us economically. This is because the government have to... How does extreme weather affect us? 12/5/20
EARTH QUAKE. I call it earth quake because of the trembling and the shaking ... #32 - Give it a title! 22/4/20
Another measure to be taken is to prevent deforestation. The process of cutting down trees... Is this the end of the human race? 30/4/20
REASONING . Justifying a viewpoint UPDATED advice for Global Conversation students - please read! 21/4/20
I think the government can build new homes for these people. The government can also help in the... How should vulnerable people protected during wildfires? 15/5/20
It is nice studying at home but the problem is that not all students get access to the internet... What's it like to learn from home? 20/4/20
Ok the global warming affect the sea by causing the temperature of the sea to rise due to... How Does The Weather Affect Our Food? 13/5/20
Please I would ask this question. Since oxygen supports burning, does it mean that we should cut... Forest fires (prairie) and nature and the impact of weather on them! 30/4/20
WILDFIRE In Ghana. This was an extreme weather that was experienced in Ghana some years ago. ... Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 27/4/20
Well as an individual what I think we can do is to stay home save to avoid direct contact with... Why wait, but participate. 30/4/20
Some countries are still not develop due to some reasons. So when this extreme weather affect... Are there any positive impacts of extreme weather? 12/5/20
Yes, I think the earth is getting warmer because of human activities like the destruction of... How bad is Climate Change? 22/4/20
When extreme weather inflates its dangers on humans, crops and properties, we sometimes get... The effect of the extreme weather. 15/5/20
Well I also think some extreme weathers can be decreased if we decrease environmental... The weather and Covid-19 13/5/20
Yes, I like the weather especially the rain for instance is very good. Rain helps most aquatic... Weather - bad or good? 22/4/20
I think we can't prevent it from occurring. This is because it happens on its own in other words... Will we ever control weather? 18/5/20
The natural vegetation covering the earth will be destroyed leading to desertification. Those who will be affected by this extreme weather 20/4/20
Extreme weather affects tourism by redusing the number of tourist from travelling to other... The impact of the Corona virus (Covid 19) on the tourism sector. 15/5/20
AIR POLLUTION. The release of harmful gases from factories and waste industries in to the... The impact of extreme weather and healthcare conditions on the economy of the world 23/4/20
Global warming leads to the depletion of the ozone layer Extreme Climate - Reduce Carbon Emissions In Schools 20/4/20
STEP 4: HURRICANE is a violent wind that has a circular movement mostly in the West Atlantic... Session 1: Introduction 20/4/20
WASTED LAND. This is because the land has lost it's usefulness and it can't be used for... #32 - Give it a title! 22/4/20
BANNING THE USE AND IMPORTATION OF OLD AND OVER- AGED CARS. This is because vehicles which ... Global warming 13/5/20
Desertification can be caused by deforestation, bush burning over-grazing and urbanization. ... Desertification 20/4/20
Humans are in trouble because, the heat from the sun can not be prevented which will cause heat... Mankind is in danger because of global warming 12/5/20
The title for picture is EFFECTS OF LAND DEGRADATION. This is because land degradation is the... #32 - Give it a title! 21/4/20
I think this will prevent people from other countries from building their houses in water ways... EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS 30/4/20
I think the question can be what can we do to help these people who have been affected as an... Australia extreme weather scene dry tree and collapse house 30/4/20
In some cases, extreme weather can go as far as taking the lives of the parents and sometimes... How does extreme weather affect children? 15/5/20
Desertification is what I will give as a title because there is no sign of water in there. This... #32 - Give it a title! 21/4/20
Well thank you intrepid_ hurricane for your information. First of all you are asking how... Wildfires: Why Some Places And Not Others? 13/5/20
I will name this the DESTRUCTION OF HABITATS OF SOIL LIVING ORGANISM. This because the soil... #32 - Give it a title! 23/4/20
Yes in my country Ghana. It once rained heavily in Accra and there water flowing all over the... How have you experienced extreme weather? 22/4/20
Thank you very much for your information, incomparable_blueberry. You made mention of how our... How Does The Weather Affect Our Food? 12/5/20
I would like to ask Liz Bonnin which human activities contribute to extreme weather Ask an expert about extreme weather! 20/4/20
What I think about extreme weather is that, it is an undesirable event that causes harm to... Climate changes and extreme weather and how they impact on our health 27/4/20
It is nice learning at home but the problem is not all the students might get access to the internet. What's like to learn from home 20/4/20
There was once a wildfire in Ghana which led to lost of lives because of hunger due to the... Effects of extreme weather 27/4/20
I understand your information and I would like to say thank you thankful_banana. But my question... What is extreme weather and how does it affect us? 12/5/20
My question for Madam Anita Ganeri is, in what ways can we help people who have been... #33 - Ask the author! 27/4/20
I don't think we can be free from extreme weather but we can protect ourselves from it. Some... Is it possible for us to be free from extreme weather? 15/5/20